• Surf Forecaster (2006-2019):
    This is my own company, where I created a surf forecasting website with ColdFusion/Flash, and I also created and maintained a surf climate database for Oahu, Hawaii.

    I created the website & set up the server completely by scratch, which was based on ColdFusion, and Flash. I managed and maintained the ColdFusion Server & MySQL database, and set up up the DNS. Basically, everything that a hosting prover would do for you! 

    I used ColdFusion to generate XML to be used for flash. The project also used Flash to display & graph the results using XML. 

    Towards the ending of the project, I started to use flash remoting (AS 3) with ColdFusion instead of XML for working with the data.

    My objective was to sell detailed surf forecasts to interested people planning a trip here to Oahu. I creating a surf calculator, to forecast the surf conditions for any beach on Oahu. I also planned to sell the surf forecasting results (surf climates) to interested parties.

    This website went bust, to to a lack of support from advertisers, and sales.…

  • Climatologist Assistance (2001-2006): 
    I worked for the state Climatologist Helping to create a rainfall database for the state of Hawaii. This project used Adobe Flash so that the user could click on the rainfall station on the website and get the data that day so desired. At the time this website was created it was the only climate data resource dad had just sort of functionality on the Internet.

    The project turned the older paper records into digital a format for the Hawaii Rainfall Project.

    My portion of this project was to create the database and did Analysis of the data to create a maximum and minimum rainfall pattern for the state of Hawaii. This data was used to update the rainfall atlas for Hawaii.

    I also provided climate information and prepared climate data that people requested through the Hawaii State Climate Office. Working add to Hawaii State climate office allowed me to learn how to perform scientific research, as well as learn about the rainfall patterns in the state of Hawaii.


  • The University of Hawaii at Manoa (2001-2006):
    • I studied Meteorology with an emphasis on Oceanography (Marine Meteorology) I focused on creating mathematical models for ocean wave forecasting.
    • Besides Meteorology and Oceanography, I Focused heavily on Applied Mathematics (Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Vector Calculus, Partial Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Modeling, …

Volunteer Experience

  • Manager AIR Developers (2017 – 2019):
    This User Group was for people that work within the integrated set of technologies that support Adobe AIR for desktop and mobile applications. 

    You will find this group to be of interest if you are learning or working with Adobe AIR, ActionScript 3.0, Flex, Flash Builder, FDT, etc. 

    The meetings were organized on a monthly basis online through Adobe Acrobat Connect.
  • Manager Hawaii Flash User Group (2005 – 2017):
    I created the Hawaii Flash User Group here in Honolulu through the Adobe User Groups program. 

    I served as the manager and was responsible for booking speakers, as well as maintaining the location for the meetings. I have given many presentations on Adobe Flash personally for the group. As a manager when no speaker could be found, I felt it was my responsibility to give the presentation personally.

    This group met monthly at the University of Hawaii, but I also maintained on-line meetings through the online website as well as Adobe Connect for those you can not make it to the physical location in Honolulu. The meetings were arranged on a monthly basis.

    I was passionate about the Flash Platform and wanted to help promote the use of flash technology here in Hawaii. 
  • Research Assistant – Scripps Institution of Oceanography (1998 – 2001):
    I was lucky enough to have a volunteer position whiling attending community college to work at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO). I helped the Coastal Oceanography division as an ocean wave (swell propagation) researcher. It was part of a 3-year study to study the surf at Scripps beach.

    My position was to help felicitate their intranet, organize files, and help with surf forecasting based on NCEP Reanalysis data. It was a great position, and I wouldn’t be the surf forecaster that I am today without this position.