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How to measure wave height in surfing

Surfers have always had different ways of measuring waves. What is wave height? How should a wave be measured? Surfing is a sport of achievement. The first wave ride, the first surf line, the first barrel, the biggest wave…all stories to tell and bars to be raised. One of the most famous surfing quotes speaks volumes […]

Git Trouble

I have a local project, which is located on Github. I want to push changes to the remote repo, it’s not working. Does anybody know how to push the new data.py file to GitHub? When I do this, all I get is: “fatal: remote origin already exists.” This happens with the command: git remote add […]


Adobe Community Professional (ACP) I just became a ACP for the Flash Platform here in Honolulu through the Adobe Community Professionals program. I am responsible for promoting the flash platform, which I do through writing blogs, speaking at User group meetings, and answering questions on Adobe Forms. I have given many presentations on flash for […]

How To Read The Buoys

Most of the buoys in the United States are run by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Data Buoy Center. Individual buoys can be accessed on the internet via NOAA’s website. Here’s how to read them: Wind Wind, and more precisely, where it’s coming from and how fast, is the second most important […]