Adobe Community Professional (ACP)

I just became a ACP for the Flash Platform here in Honolulu through

the Adobe Community Professionals program. I am responsible for

promoting the flash platform, which I do through writing blogs,

speaking at User group meetings, and answering questions on Adobe

Forms. I have given many presentations on flash for the Hawaii Flash

User Group, and Flash Camp Hawaii. As the manager when no speaker can

be found to speak, I feel it is my responsibility to give the

presentation myself. This groups meets monthly at the University of


Honolulu Hosting

I just started to offer great ColdFuson Hosting

for the people of Hawaii and the rest of the world. The difference

between us and other ColdFusion Hosting companies is that we will

review your code and fix any problems.

Manager Hawaii Flash User Group

I created the Hawaii Flash User Group here in Honolulu through the

Adobe Groups program. I served as the manager of the group, and I am

responsible for booking speakers,maintaining the location for the

meetings. I have given many presentations on flash personally to the

group. This groups meets monthly at the University of Hawaii, but I

also maintain on-line meetings through Adobe Connect for those you

can not make it to the physical location. The group’s co-manager is

Gabriel Peart.

Flash & ColdFusion Development

University of Hawaii, Nutrition Department

I was hired by the Nutrition Department at the University of Hawaii

working with Dr. Titchenal & Dr. Jonnie Dobbs. I worked on a number

of ColdFusion websites for the department, each of these websites I

also created a custom content management system (CMS) based in

ColdFusion for these sites. There were 2 main sites created

NutritionATC, and GotNutrients. Both sites used ColdFusion to create

a custom email alerts system with a CMS. I also have created flash

(AS 2/AS 3) projects explaining Nutrition for the local Intranet at

the Nutrition Department. These projects were mostly e-learning

solutions that integrated data from a database using flash remoting

with ColdFusion to display the results in flash both in textual &

graphical formats.

Flash Developer

Surf Report

This was my own company, where I created a surf forecasting website

in Flash, and I also created and maintained a surf climate database

surf forecasting, height, direction, as well as surf- climatology) for

Oahu. I created the website & set up the sever completely by scratch,

which was based in ColdFusion, managed and maintained the ColdFusion

Server & MySQL database, and set up up the DNS. Basically everything

that a hosting prover would do for you! I used ColdFusion to generated

the XML to be used for flash. The project also used Flash to display &

graph the results using XML. This project was a combination of html &

flash but later turned into a full flash website. Towards the ending

of the project I started to use flash remoting (AS 2) with ColdFusion

instead of XML for working with the data. My objective was to sell

detailed surf forecasts to interested people planning a trip here to

Oahu. I creating a surf calculator (to forecast the surf conditions

for any beach on Oahu) that at the time was the most accurate(in my

opinion). I also planned to sell the prior surf forecasts results

(surf climates) to interested parties. the website went bust, to to a

lack of support from advertisers, and sales.

Database Programmer

Hawaii State Climate Office

I worked for the state Climatologist for creating a rainfall database

which started in Access, but was later converted to MySQL in 2003 for

the state of Hawaii. The progect turned the older paper records into

digital format for the Hawaii Rainfall Project. My portion of this

project was to create the database, and did analyst on the data to

create a maxim and minimum rainfall pattern for the state of Hawaii.

This data was used to update the rainfall atlas for Hawaii. I also

provided climate information, and prepared climate data that people

requested through the Hawaii State Climate Office. Working here

allowed myself to learn how to perform scientific research, as well as

learn about the rainfall patterns in the state of Hawaii.

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