Flash Professional 13.1

Around a couple hours ago, Adobe released something very cool. Their latest version of Flash Pro CC (Fl 13.1) includes a powerful new feature set called HTML Canvas. All those exciting interactive animations people used to create for the now mostly useless SWF flash file format can be created for very fresh, very alive and everywhere HTML5.

What you can create in Flash Pro HTML Canvas works on all browsers and mobile devices which do HTML5. So, yes, it’ll work on iPhones and iPads, etc. That’s not an issue. We have conceived how sections of our website will have cool rollover stuff, things will move and rotate and page elements will set things into motion.

Adobe’s Flash Pro team has a few more really cool tricks up their sleeves, which will be ready in no time. So, we need get up to speed on this as fast as possible. Some of our fellow Adobe Community Professionals have been working on the educational materials. Also,included in the next Flash  Professional release  will be  SVG, with tool and WebGL.

We’re told that later today, there will be a new Adobe movie about Fl 13.1, here: http://www.adobe.com/products/flash.html. The latest Flash Pro CC integrates with most of the core CC apps. Let your creativity soar.