Typewriter Text Effect with AS3

By |2013-08-18T19:17:34+00:00August 18th, 2013|

1. Create a new flash file (Actionscript 3.0) and save it as typewriter.fla. 2. Rename “layer 1″ to “actions”. Open the actions panel. Declare the following variables: var myText:String; var counter:int = 0; 3. Create a TextFormat object in order to format our text. var format : TextFormat = new TextFormat(); format.size [...]

3D Platform

By |2013-01-22T06:23:31+00:00January 22nd, 2013|

This is for a game that I am doing, it is based in Away 3D, to use it use the arrow keys and take the platform for a spin ;) [kml_flashembed publishmethod="static" fversion="10.0.0" movie="http://johnbarrett.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/AStar3D1.swf" width="500" height="500" targetclass="flashmovie"]