I have written many tutorials and this is the place that you will find them. Most of them are in flash, but a few of them are in ColdFusion. Who knows what ind of tutorials I will create in the future?

All of the flash tutorials can be found on my good friends website Graphic Mania who has many such tutorials on many of the topics in Graphic Design. I started writing for the site back in Flash SC 4, and I still do in Flash CS 6, which as been a number of years. Even though of the many changes in flash we try to keep up, with what is popular today. The later tutorials have been on using flash & AIR, and we are working n some gaming features.

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How To Create A Flash Login Screen Tutorial
How To Create A Flash Login Screen Tutorial – Part 2
Embedding Fonts for Components in Flash
Checkbox and AS3 in Flash CS4
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Please refer to:
For a listing of my ColdFusion tutorials
Select like with cfqueryparam
Create Update Delete example

New Features in ColdFusion 9

Office file interoperability—Dynamically generate office documents for reporting, decision making, and presentations. Read, create, and update spreadsheets using the new CFSPREADSHEET tag. Programmatically generate PDF files from Microsoft PowerPoint and Word files. Dynamically produce presentations in HTML or SWF from PowerPoint presentations directly on the server.

Object-relational mapping—Build database-independent applications using object-relational mapping (ORM) based on the open source Hibernate library. Save time and manage database logic and connectivity without writing any SQL. Use the ORM Application Wizard in ColdFusion Builder to generate ColdFusion components (CFCs) for logic and connectivity without writing a single line of code.

Microsoft Office SharePoint integration—Expose data from Microsoft Office SharePoint web services to a ColdFusion application with the new CFSHAREPOINT tag. Additionally, use the single sign-on capability in SharePoint to display a ColdFusion application as a web part within a SharePoint site without requiring users to reenter their credentials.

Enhanced Adobe Flash Platform integration—Take advantage of faster Flash Remoting to help increase application performance. Use ColdFusion as a Service to speed up RIA development by easily accessing many existing enterprise services via AMF without writing a single line of CFML.

ColdFusion as a Service—Leverage the power of ColdFusion enterprise services via AMF or SOAP without writing a single line of CFML. These services include CFCHART, CFDOCUMENT, CFIMAGE, CFMAIL, CFPDF, and CFPOP. Also make your application more secure by sandboxing these services to prevent access by unknown applications.

Adobe AIR® local/remote database synchronization—Offer users applications with online/offline capability featuring reliable data management. Using SQLLite in the client and ORM on the server, ColdFusion 9 dynamically manages conflict resolution and data synchronization between the client and the server when your application comes back online.

New Ajax controls—Build more compelling and intuitive applications with a broader set of Ajax controls that leverage the new Ext JS 3.0 library via CFML tags and attributes. New controls
include mapping, multimedia player, multifile upload, accordion navigation, progress indicator, confirmations, alerts, buttons, and sliders.

Server Manager—Save time by simultaneously performing administrative tasks across multiple servers from one central console. You can create data sources, schedule tasks, apply hot fixes, clear caches, and compare settings across a cluster of ColdFusion servers.

Built-in support for portlet standards—Expose a host of enterprise applications, including ColdFusion applications, in one integrated portal. ColdFusion 9 allows you to define a ColdFusion component as a portlet. This includes support for Java Portlet Specifications JSR 168 and JSR 286.

Tight integration with ColdFusion Builder—Leverage the power of ColdFusion Builder, a highly customizable, Eclipse based IDE that enables developers to build ColdFusion applications faster than ever before.

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converting times in ColdFusion

I needed to change the time on some local web pages to reflect the time in Hawaii, but I am using HostmySite, which is based in Delaware, and since Hawaii is 6 hours behind of Delaware I needed to make a change.

to get this working is really simple, just by using some variables, one for the server time and another for the local time. Then just use dateadd function. since I know the server is 6 hours behind Hawaii, I just subtract 6 from the server time.

<cfset servertime = Now()>
<cfset time = Now()>
<cfset time = dateadd("h",-6,time) />

to display the server time you would use

#TimeFormat(servertime,'h:mm tt')#

to display the local time you would use

#TimeFormat(time,'h:mm tt')#

then I just display the results in a table

		<td>Server  Time</td>
		<td><cfoutput>#TimeFormat(servertime,'h:mm tt')#</cfoutput></td>
		<td>Hawaii Time</td>
		<td><cfoutput>#TimeFormat(time,'h:mm tt')#</cfoutput></td>

You can see this example working on my server