Hide mouse with Adobe Air

If you would like to hide your mouse in your AIR application, use the flowing code:

<br />stage.nativeWindow.activate();<br />stage.nativeWindow.orderToBack();<br />stage.nativeWindow.orderToFront();<br />Mouse.hide();<br />

Adobe Web Fonts on Typekit

Adobe has launched Web Fonts on Typekit. The Typekit service makes it easy to sign up and start adding rich typographical content to your sites right away.  And with over 120 Adobe Web Fonts (from 16 families) now available from Typekit, you have even more to choose from.

Web Developers: 
Adobe Web Fonts and the Typekit service enable developers to expand well beyond the same small set of web-safe fonts they have been using for years with access to broad font libraries from many foundries and now fonts from Adobe.  Using the @font-face rule in CSS, developers can now produce sites where headlines and body text can be chosen from a broad array of fonts, and referenced directly in their code.

Web Designers:
Web Designers  have long been looking for greater flexibility and typographic variety when using fonts on the web.  For years, they have been confined to the same set of web-safe fonts.  With the Typekit service, designers now have access to a set of font libraries which enable them to choose the right typeface for the job. Adobe Web Fonts are now available for the web and are engineered to look great on multiple screen types.

Adobe Web Fonts: Top features:

  • Over 120 fonts (16 families) from the Adobe Type Library
  • Technical reliability you have come to expect from Adobe
  • Created by award-winning designers consistently beautiful and high-quality type
  • Extended character sets many supporting Eastern European languages
  • Classic designs which, until now, haven’t been available for the web
  • Engineered to look great on multiple screens

Check out http://blogs.adobe.com/typblography/ & Adobe Web Fonts for more information