No More Smoking!

I Stopping Smoking , it’s been 1 week 😏

I need to quite smoking ASAP! I have quite smoking in the past, but I always seem to come back to smoking cigarettes when I get depressed. This time I have the “North Shore” Surfing, and free diving for motivation! I have the will power to do this, and I will quite on August 1st, 2017 no matter what it takes! I really need to do this as step #1 for my training for surfing the North Shore this Fall. Surf session is about 60 days away.

By training for surfing the North Shore as I once did in the past I will need to breathe at an opportune rate. By stopping smoking not only will I be able to breathe better, my energy will increase, stress will decrease,  and I will be able to paddle better. Besides, stopping smoking, I will be walking (and then running) lots of swimming in the ocean. In which I will not be satisfied until I can swim a mile without exerting my energy, will practice paddling long distances, and of course concreting on Nutrition. Nothing is more important to me than to be ready for the North-West shells this Fall/Winter!

Yes this will all not be easy, especially stopping smoking, but I WILL do it! Listed below are some of the benefits of me quitting smoking:

Quitting smoking will be great for my health. Over time it lowers your risk for smoking-related diseases and can add years to your life.  My father had COPD, and other relatives has heart troubles, which is all from smoking!

(1) Increased Lung Power

In 2 to 3 months the lung function improves. Other health benefits include less chance of developing emphysema later in life and in ten years, the risk of lung cancer is half that of a smoker.

(3) Decreased Cancer Risks

Most everyone knows smoking increases your chances of lung cancer. But smoking also increases your risk for cancer of the stomach, mouth, throat, kidney, cervix, pancreas and bladder. 10 years after quitting the lung cancer death rate is about half that of a smoker’s. The risk of cancers of the mouth, throat, esophagus, bladder, kidney, and pancreas decreases.

(4) Live Longer

People who quit smoking live longer than those who smoke, because quitting reduces the risk of dying from specific smoking-related diseases. According to the American Cancer Society, people who quit smoking before age 50 have one-half the risk of dying in the next 15 years compared with people who continue to smoke.

(5) A Strong Heart

20 minutes after quitting the heart rate drops back down to normal. In just 2 weeks to 3 months the heart attack risk begins to drop, and the lung function begins to improve. In a year, the risk of coronary heart disease is half that of a smoker. And the heart keeps on getting healthier. In 15 years, your risk of heart disease is the same as that of a nonsmoker.

(6) A Quiet’s Night’s Sleep

Smoking could be the reason I am tossing and turning at night. Smoking irritates the membranes in the nose and throat which can block the airways and cause snoring.

(7) Freedom

Think about it. Once you’re no longer tied to your smoking habit, you’ll feel a sense of freedom – no more sneaking outside to grab a quick smoke. You can breathe easier and enjoy your newfound freedom from smoking.This Quit Smoking Timeline will give you a better sense of just how good being a nonsmoker will be for your body and your mind.

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