FDT Challenge

I have a challenge for all new commers to actionscript 3.

If you are to the point where the flash IDE is getting on your nerves, if you are not there yet, trust me you will be!

Check out the FREE 30 day trial of FDT, and at the end of this 30 days if you are not completely in love with FDT, you are out nothing, but trust me again, after the trial you will not want to code actionscript in anything else, becasue FDT Rocks!

Download page for FDT 3.5 Beta

leave a comment and tell me what you think about FDT, or if you have questions let me know, maybe I can help`-`

5 thoughts on “FDT Challenge”

  1. When are a lot of the bugs going to be fixed? Are they going to be fixed? Then at least I know if it makes sense placing those bug reports…. :/
    The beta has some really annoying (small) bugs….

  2. I am have been really stoked on FDT beta 3.5 on Mac OS X running Snow Leopard. I have been using the Professional version standalone.

    You could submit a bug on their form, what bugs are you referring too? I am not advanced enough to know how to fix bugs, especially something based on Eclipse.

    I guess all software has bugs, I love the flash IDE (not for coding), and it is loaded with bugs, but I still use it daily.

    Would be interesting in hearing about the bugs you are talking about, I have not really found any, but maybe I am not advanced enough to notice.

  3. Well, not as such specific bugs, I placed several at the Powerflasher JIRA….

    Ow and I still use FDT daily, can’t live without it… If I could fix them, I would have and submitted a patch file to FDT.. Yeah, the IDE has loads of bugs as well, and I really hate it when it crashes just before I save….

    I responded here from a tweet of Michael and I thought it was a Powerflasher post, sorry about that ;). Guess I go back bugging Powerflasher themselves 😉 (I think they already have me in the block list 😉 ).

    So I’ll come back if I have some proper question for you then :).

  4. Hi Joeri,
    just checked the bug list, seems like there a a few errors there. I guess they have some work to do.

    I have been stoked, been coding in the flash IDE until one I just freaked out (sounds like you can relate), and a friend told me about FDT and I have been so stoked about it!

    Yeah the IDE has so many issues, really hoping they fix the bugs for flash CS 5 before they add new features!

    No worries`-` Since I have only been using Eclipse for a few months, I know I can’t fix anything`-` I always said I would never use Eclipse, but hear I am loving FDT, go figure!

    Cool, ask if I can help I am more than happy to. I am trying to create the perfect work-flow for flash design & development, since I do both. Which is the purpose to this section of the blog.

    It is a slow process, but I am slowly making progress. I need to learn some basic ANT I think.

  5. Ah yes. A nice workflow is really the way to go with any IDE. I have created a command line PHP script which does the initial setup of a project, app and bootstrap files, including builders and svn:externals…. Now it’s just a matter of ‘import project’ and start coding.

    I’m also refactoring this script so it’s more versatile and not just build for our framework. Still a lot to tweak, but it already saves at least an hour for the juniors when setting up a project.

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