A New​ Direction

As some of you might have realized over the years is that I blog about Adobe as well as other technologies. While, I still love technology and might post about python, numerical modeling and things of this nature, my main focus will be Oceanography.

Why the change? It’s quite logical. I have started school again to become an Ocean Scientist. My main focus is still Physical Oceanography!

Basically, I still feel like that 16-year-old kid who wants to know where the best place to surf in the morning, and how long can I surf, on what tide, etc. Over the years I just don’t what to surf, but I want to know why the surf is breakiing this way to begin with!

When I first started school I told people I want to learn the birth, life, and death of an ocean swell. I feel like I am getting close to the answer, well maybe 😏

Heading to Full Sail University

In 2010 I discovered a wonderful program in Web Design & Development at Adobe Max, I watched a presentation Teaching the Adobe Flash Platform in Education. This was back when fullsail.com was a flex website, it was so awesome! I was amazed at the level of flash being taught by the school, and since then I always wanted to go there. I will be taking the online degree for Web Design & Development. Back in 2010 I was studying at the University of Hawaii for Oceanography, as I wanted to learn how to forecast the surf, and I am happy to say I now have that skill, but I did not finish the degree, too much math & physics.

Full Sail University seems like the  perfect school to learn more about web design and development!

Currently I am a flash developer, and the Manger of the Hawaii Flash User Group, I also used to be a ColdFusion Developer, but I have not done that for a while, and now the only time I use ColdFusion is for writing cfcs for flash remoting. I do know html & css, but I am not good at it at all! Therefore I want to learn more.

I really like the Full Sail approach to their courses as they teach mobile applications, html and flash. The degree in a sense is 2 degrees design and development mixed into 1 degree. I think after the program I will be really well rounded and could work for a number of companies, not to mention I will finally have a degree!

Full Sail is different than your average college as instead of taken a bunch of classes during the semester, you take a course a mouth. It is fast paced, but I kind of like the idea of taken just one subject once a month.

I am so excited that I will finally be able to attend Full Sail with the Help of my Father, see you in March Full Sail!

You can see the courses(many have been waived for me, such as the General Education) on full sail’s website

Of course I am the most excited about the Flash Courses 🙂

Not sure about School?

I am really re-thinking my current situation in school! For those who know me this post is not news, but for those who don’t here is the situation:

var disclaimer:String = “I feel the school has a great Multimedia Program”

I have been programming for many years. Back in San Francisco I used to use java, yes there was a time where java applets were cool! However, when I need to start working on the web I searched many web technologies (jap, asp, php), but nothing really excited me. Then I found ColdFusion MX, and loved it, and it was a J2EE server just to make it better`-`

After a while of using ColdFusion, I discovered flash remoting, and with using Actionscript 2.0 it easy to create flash interfaces for my ColdFusion applications, a term called Rich Internet Applications. Since then I have been very, very interested in flash design, as when I see many of the great flash websites, just take a look on 2advanced.com and you will see what I mean I have been wanting to learn design. I feel if I can learn design well since I already know programming I will become a more complete web dude

I have been going to school here in Hawaii, and I started taking the design courses last semester, which went great. However, this semester has not been going well at all!

I started to take an Introduction to Design, and I found the teacher not helpful, and assumed that the students understood design, and so she was not there to help you, and would not answer any questions or help. I dropped this class very quickly!

I am also taking an Introduction to drawing class, which started out okay, but the teacher has turned it into an advanced drawing class, and yes assumes that you have been drawing for years. When I asked him why is there not a class for people who have no experience, such as a pre drawing class, I was told that people take this class twice or three times, and then this class becomes the pre drawing class. Also that I should look into taking a class at one of the art galleries if I am looking for a basic drawing class. The drawing teacher on the other hand is a very nice guy, and will help you, it is just the class is so over my head.

So why take an Introduction to X if you already know the subject matter? This makes no sense to me. Call me crazy, but I have taking many Computer Science classes and the introduction course also assumed that you know nothing, and for me Introduction to java was where I learn to program in java.

This really makes me sad as this program requires a very detailed portfolio entrance, and you really need to be a very good artist to be accepted into the program, and without it you cant take any classes.

This is why I am sad, as I already said it is a great program, but if I don’t become a great artist, and if I cant find people to teach you, then it most likely will not happen, and then I will never get into the program. Maybe I will need to find another school where they don’t except such high levels in drawing, and if fact I love drawing, and design. I am practicing drawing everyday, both on paper, and in flash & illustrator too!

Even if I do stay I will have to wait one year before I can start to take the design classes due to the fact that the portfolio only comes at the end of spring term. Furthermore, looking at the Introduction to Design course next term I see the same teacher is the instructor, and therefore it is not a good idea to re-take the class with her, as I already know it is going to be bad.

Then there is repeating the drawing class, but how would it be any different then this term? Finally, there is the Introduction to Photography, a class I would love to take, but I am sure that the teacher will assume that I have been taking pictures for years, but the truth of the matter is that I have not, in fact I have never even owned a camera!

I am not sure what I will do about this; I wish that I could just enroll in a class and learn the material without feeling lost. I think that if you sign up for a class with no classes needed to take before that class then you should be able to take the class do the work, and afterwards learning a little about the subject matter. After all it is an Introduction to X class, and you’re not going to be an expert after taking one class.

Wish me luck learning design


I have a database of users that I want to create a NewsLetter for. Here is my database


Here is my ColdFusion Code

<cfquery name="GetMembers" datasource="#REQUEST.dataSource#">


  FROM test


<cfloop query="GetMembers">


  	to= "#email_address#"








	     Testing cfmail





your mail was send to: <br />

    <cfloop query="GetMembers">

	#GetMembers.email_address#,<br />



In the output it says that it was send, but I only get the first one to johnbarr@hawaii.edu. What could be going wrong?

Coffee Talk

I decided to make a flash effect for this coffee shop I come to often to drink tea

[kml_flashembed publishmethod=”static” fversion=”9.0.0″ movie=”http://blog.hawaiiflash.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/coffee_talk.swf” width=”400″ height=”300″ targetclass=”flashmovie”]Get Adobe Flash player


flash remoting

Seems like I am not able to fix my remoting code. Here is the actions panel

import flash.net.*;

var gateway:NetConnection = new NetConnection();

var responder:Responder=new Responder(onResult,onFault);

// name the default cf test server on this machine


// name of the cfc and the function

gateway.call("com.cfcs.testing.GetResults", responder);

function onResult(responds:Object):void {

	trace("cfc result"+":"+" "+responds.toString());


function onFault(responds:Object):void {

	//loop over the fault structure

	for (var i:String in responds) {

		trace( i + ":" + responds[i] );



The file Testing.cfc(I have tested this cfc and it works perfect!

<cffunction name="getResults" access="remote" returntype="query">

   <cfquery name="qEmails" datasource="johnbarrett">

     SELECT *

     FROM testing


  <cfreturn qEmails>



buttons within a scene

Here is the buttons within a scene that I was talking about.

Basically if you want to go from scene to scene, or within frames of a scene in a flash movie this is what you have to do.


button1.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, mouseDownHandler);

function mouseDownHandler(event:MouseEvent):void {

    gotoAndStop(1, "Scene 2");


first there is a stop action, then using the instance name of your button you need to add a event listener, and create a function. In this case I create a function called mouseDownHandler. In this function I simple tell it gotoAndStop(1, “Scene 2”); In the arguments you need a frame and Scene, so in my case I am saying gotoAndStop([frame]1, “Scene 2″);

Here is a live example
[kml_flashembed publishmethod=”static” fversion=”9.0.0″ movie=”http://blog.hawaiiflash.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/buttons-within-a-scene.swf” width=”400″ height=”300″ targetclass=”flashmovie”]Get Adobe Flash player