Adding Sites Folder to Mountain Lion

If you have upgraded or bought a new Mac(like I did) you will notice that your Sites folder is gone, along with the web sharing in the control panel. I guess Apple wants us just to use the local host located at Library/WebServer/Documents and not the Sites folder in the user folder, which is really a virtual host. Continue reading Adding Sites Folder to Mountain Lion

change file extensions on Mac OSX

Being new tro the Mac, I wanted to figure out how to change a bunch of file extensions at once.I had to change a bunch of .html files to .cfm and if using the Mac. They are really just UNIX commands, so I bought the book UNIX for Mac.

Beneath Mac OS X Tiger’s easy-to-use Aqua interface lies a powerful Unix engine. Mac users know that Unix is at their fingertips, if only they knew how to access it. Learning Unix for Mac OS X Tiger provides Mac users with a user-friendly tour of the Unix world concealed beneath Mac OS X’s hood and shows how to make the most use of the command-line tools.

Continue reading change file extensions on Mac OSX

ASDocs on Mac

I am trying to figure out how to get AS Docs on my mac to work. I just spend the last four hours trying to get this working. I finally got it, and it seems like you need a “SRC” folder like what gets created when you have a flex project, but this is really for flash. I was able to figure this out from the command error, I guess I am learning after-all`-`

I am trying to document some actionscript 3.0 code, like that is seen in the adobe documentation.
Using terminal change location to the bin directory of the flex skd. The asDoc tool only seems to work from this location.

cd /Applications/Adobe Flex Builder 3/sdks/3.2.0/bin/

./asdoc -doc-sources=/Users/johnbarrett/Documents/Flex Builder 3/HelloWorld/

-source-path=/Users/johnbarrett/Documents/Flex Builder 3/HelloWorld/

The first line tells the compiler where your application is, and the second line tells where you want the compiler to output your docs.

Now lets run this using the src folder structure that the AS Docs Tool wants

./asdoc -doc-sources=/Users/johnbarrett/Documents/Flex Builder 3/HelloWorld/src

-source-path=/Users/johnbarrett/Documents/Flex Builder 3/HelloWorld/src