Blogs about my Hep C

Hep C Hawaii

By |2012-10-06T20:41:57+00:00October 6th, 2012|Hawaii, Hep C|

After finding out that I contracted Hepatitis C in 2009 I wanted to help others in Hawaii and elsewhere and I am trying to develop a network of resources for hepatitis C and to increase [...]

Hepatitis C Guide

By |2010-02-14T22:40:41+00:00February 14th, 2010|Hep C|

So a few people have asked me about why I am sick, and wanted to understand more. First and foremost THANK YOU for being concerned! I have chronic Hepatitis C with cirrhosis, and below is [...]

My Condition

By |2010-02-09T22:35:42+00:00February 9th, 2010|Hawaii, Hep C|

Compensated cirrhosis means that the liver is still able to cope with or compensate for the damage and carry out most (sometimes all) of its functions. Cirrhosis, as with fibrosis, ranges from mild (at the [...]