flash remoting with ColdFusion

Hello flash remoting

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here is an example creating data from a cfc into flash using remoting. create a text field on the stage, this is where you will display your information. It also uses the trace window. Actionscript 3.0 import flash.net.*; var gateway:NetConnection = new NetConnection(); var responder:Responder=new Responder(onResult,onFault); unction onResult(responds:Object):void { trace("cfc result"+":"+" "+responds.toString()); runtimeOutput.text = [...]

Setting up Remoting with Flex & ColdFusion

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To get Coldfusion and flash to talk to each other is just as easy in Flex as it is in flash. Remember Flex is just the tool, and nothing more. When you compile flex you are just created a swf! To start this out I am just setting up the remoting call, later I will [...]

Setting up Flash Remoting with ColdFusion

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I would like very much to thank Eric Meyer from curious minds for helping me figure this out`-` I had started to try to convert a actionscript 2 remoting app to actionscript 3, but got really confused towards the end. I saw a post on his blog, and he was nice enough to work with [...]