We Love FDT is Live!

By |2010-08-06T21:32:03+00:00August 6th, 2010|

There is a brand new community site for FDT, I am excited about this project as one website for everything FDT, no longer to you have to search for resources, bookmarks this site. This new site is your one stop for all your FDT resources. It is written by FDT users/bloggers for FDT users, and [...]

FDT is now a sponsor of HFUG!

By |2010-07-29T21:58:11+00:00July 29th, 2010|

I would like to thank Powerflasher FDT for their sponsoring of the Hawaii Flash User Group! Powerflasher FDT is big on education, and is now a sponsor  of the Hawaii Flash User Group! They will be helping to  organize presentations on the latest innovations in Flex/Flash development from experienced and motivated speakers as well as [...]

FDT Presentation

By |2010-04-02T00:09:10+00:00April 2nd, 2010|

My good friend, Gabriel Peart who is the co-manger of the Hawaii Flash User Group gave an excellent presentation on FDT while at Flash Camp Brazil. You can download his presentation below, enjoy fdt_presentation

Flash Components for FDT

By |2010-03-28T02:41:18+00:00March 28th, 2010|

Using the Flash IDE & FDT seems natural to me, and I think that it is the prefect work flow! While I enjoy working with the Flash IDE, as I use it daily, I much prefer writing all my code in FDT! I will be showing how to set up everything in FDT for the [...]

FDT Remoting Template

By |2010-03-10T22:58:40+00:00March 10th, 2010|

This is meant to test a remoting connection with a ColdFusion back-end The ColdFsuion Code has been tested and works. Here is the cfc that I am using <cfcomponent displayName="getTest"> <!--- Establish a Flash Remoting Connection ---> <cffunction name="getTestConn" access="remote" returnType="string" output="true"> <cfreturn "....connection successful"> </cffunction> </cfcomponent> The rest is actionscript! import [...]

FDT on Linux

By |2010-01-18T22:13:01+00:00January 18th, 2010|

So on Twitter tonight there was talk on the fact that FDT works in Linux. Are you kidding me, is this real, WOW! Why the excitement, I HATE WINDOWS! and at the place I work there is only a Linux box that I use for the development of the projects. Therefore I carry my macBook [...]

FDT Meeting is Tonight

By |2010-01-06T21:55:43+00:00January 6th, 2010|

The meeting on Setting up a Flash Development Envirnoment using FDT is tonight at 6:00 PM! For more informatio about the Event with Michael Plank, please view the Adobe Groups Site for the Hawaii Flash User Group The meeting will start with me given a brief overview on FDT, and then Michael will demostrate using [...]