Teach Yourself Visually SEO

The Teach Yourself Visually self-help series has become my preferred resource guide to new technology and software. Its simplified no nonsense visual approach to learning new concepts and clarifying confusing dilemmas appeals to my desire for a non-technical text that is jargon free and and visually supportive. The Book teach yourself visually SEO certainly lives up to the ease of following, and learning so much approach that the series is know for.
The SEO book breaks down SEO for the totally beginner, and Rafiq starts from the very beginner, therefore anybody can follow this book and learn SEO from the ground up. He starts the book with an introduction to SEO, and how people are using search engines to how your web page should be layout for SEO. Then the topics and trends are covered as well as basically web site ownership; such as, choosing a web host, using forms, different browser compatibility and different tools to check your sites look & SEO.
Next the book go overs building a SEO friendly web site, and mastering keywords. In the following chapters he goes in great detail about using keywords, title tags, meta description and why all of these are important. The book then talks about back links, as you know there is more to SEO then just “keywords”! It also talks about creating a RSS feed, and topics around this nature.
The rest of the book talks about using Google Analytics, and using Search Engine Webmaster tools from Google. it then goes to discuss using As Words, and the importance of social marketing.
All in all if you are interested in learning SEO from the ground up then this is the book for you, the book covers all aspects of SEO and related topics. I would highly recommended this book!