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Why do ocean waves create foam while breaking?

It is due to the presence of dissolved organic matter in ocean water, which comes from the remnants of algal blooms. When breaking waves churn the water, intense turbulence and mixing makes this dissolved matter to act like foaming agents, trapping the atmospheric air. This creates air bubbles on the water surface, which stick to [...]

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New Motion Editor Workflows & Shortcuts

There are several workflows and shortcuts  in new motion editor. Property Curve Editing 1)      "Double click" on selected property curve to add new anchor point. 2)      If anchor points and control points are collapsed (i.e. corner point), then mouse "drag" operation moves anchor point by default. 3)      In order [...]

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Flash And AIR 14 Released

That was fast! Just weeks after the betas of Flash Player 14 and AIR 14 Runtime (and SDK), the team has announced that these new runtimes have been released. In addition to bug fixes and security updates, new features include Anisotropic filtering A new Stage3D Standard profile (which supports multiple render targets, floating point textures, and AGAL v2) [...]

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TIOBE Index for May 2014 May Headline

‪#‎Adobe‬ ‪#‎ActionScript‬ enters top 20! "This month ActionScript entered the TIOBE index top 20. ActionScript is a JavaScript dialect that is mainly used to write Flash programs to show interactive animations and videos. ActionScript’s popularity already peaked in 2008 and 2009, but after Steve Jobs announced to ban Flash from Apple’s devices, it lost popularity rapidly. Flash [...]

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North Shore to be protected from development

Gov. Neil Abercrombie announced Thursday that an agreement has been reached between the State of Hawaii, City and County of Honolulu, The Trust for Public Land, and Turtle Bay Resort to establish a conservation easement on 665.8 acres of land at Turtle Bay Resort in Kahuku. Portions of this land had previously been planned for [...]

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Open letter to @Adobe & Adobe AIR

This letter was written by Gary Paluk: Re: The following message was originally posted on facebook: Hi Loni, firstly, thank you for your response to questions. I was a developer of the Away3D TypeScript HTML5 project which was funded by Adobe. I wrote my own Flash/Air 3D engine called Zest3D which had no funding [...]

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Develop Android and iOS applications using Adobe Flex & AIR

As an iOS native app developer, I hate to write hybrid applications using third party frameworks. However, one day, I was assigned a task of building and testing a hybrid application on iOS and Android which was developed using Adobe Flex and AIR. In a sense, this marked the beginning of my suffering due to [...]

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Adobe Flash Player 13 Beta Now Available for Download

Adobe has just rolled out a new beta version of Flash Player that allows users to try out the feature lineup that’ll be soon integrated into the application a lot earlier. Adobe Flash Player 13.0 beta comes with supplementary characters enhancement support for TextField, as well as with full screen video message tweaks to customize the notification [...]

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Why ActionScript 3.0 should be your first programming language

 ActionScript 3.0, is the best programing language for somebody just learning programing! ActionScript sounds like a weird choice, right? It’s client-side, not server-side. You can’t connect to a database or create files on the fly without some sort of middleware (like java or ColdFusion).  ActionScript 3.0 can also create AIR applications that can be deployed everywhere, the [...]

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