I have written many tutorials and this is the place that you will find them. Most of them are in flash, but a few of them are in ColdFusion. Who knows what ind of tutorials I will create in the future?

All of the flash tutorials can be found on my good friends website Graphic Mania who has many such tutorials on many of the topics in Graphic Design. I started writing for the site back in Flash SC 4, and I still do in Flash CS 6, which as been a number of years. Even though of the many changes in flash we try to keep up, with what is popular today. The later tutorials have been on using flash & AIR, and we are working n some gaming features.

Using the Color Picker
How To Create A Flash Login Screen Tutorial
How To Create A Flash Login Screen Tutorial – Part 2
Embedding Fonts for Components in Flash
Checkbox and AS3 in Flash CS4
Making a Guessing Game in Flash CS4
Please refer to:
For a listing of my ColdFusion tutorials
Select like with cfqueryparam
Create Update Delete example

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