Why ActionScript 3.0 should be your first programming language

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 ActionScript 3.0, is the best programing language for somebody just learning programing! ActionScript sounds like a weird choice, right? It’s client-side, not server-side. You can’t connect to a database or create files on the fly without some sort of middleware (like java or ColdFusion).  ActionScript 3.0 can also create AIR applications that can be deployed everywhere, the [...]

Flash Player 12.0 and AIR 4.0 Release Notes

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Welcome to Adobe® Flash® Player 12.0 and Adobe AIR 4.0! Last Updated: December 17th, 2013 Code-named "Jones" Announcement: We are moving to a rapid beta release cycle using "Background Update". We encourage you to subscribe so you can get the latest and the greatest Flash Player without a single mouse click. You may also subscribe to our Twitter [...]

Is a Graphic Design Degree Worth It?

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After weeks, months or even years of deliberation, you’ve finally decided to follow your dream of becoming a graphic designer. Many people spend their whole lives working an ordinary job, so the fact that you’ve chosen to pursue your dream job is an accomplishment in and of itself. The next logical step is to plan [...]

Difference between Flex and Flash

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There is not big difference between flex and flash. Flash is more oriented or specially designed software for designer because they can create anything without using any code. Coding is the advantage for the designer to save his time but he can also perform the same work without coding. Flash provides number of tools for [...]

My Flash Drawing

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Well I have been practicing in my drawing skills in flash, and here is something that I made at a local coffee shop while enjoying my smoothie [kml_flashembed fversion="8.0.0" movie="http://blog.hawaiiflash.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/my_dude.swf" targetclass="flashmovie" publishmethod="static" width="400" height="300"] [/kml_flashembed]

Flash Professional 13.1

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Around a couple hours ago, Adobe released something very cool. Their latest version of Flash Pro CC (Fl 13.1) includes a powerful new feature set called HTML Canvas. All those exciting interactive animations people used to create for the now mostly useless SWF flash file format can be created for very fresh, very alive and [...]

Flash Player Backpack!

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WOW! I was reading bytearray.org today, and was stoked to see that he will be the new flash platform manerger, but this packback with the flash player, I have to have one! You can read about this over on the byte array blog, and of course you course you can see this great graphic too!