Flash Professional CC Update 1

Today there is a new update to Flash Professional CC (13.0.1). You can receive these updates through the creative cloud desktop application. I have not tried to get the updates through the update in the Flash IDE, but I am sure that will work as well.

Some of the new bug fixes in this update

Flash Professional CC 13.0.1 Update contains important bugs fixes. The following is a list of all bugs fixed in this update:

[Reference #3590263]: The Welcome Screen fails to load on launching Flash CC. And also, Flash CC crashes on creating a document, if FlashFirebug add-on is enabled for Mozilla Firefox. Due to this, the Test Movie window does not load.
[Reference #3597140]: Frame scripts added, modified, and saved to a movieclip is lost on closing a reopened document.
[Reference #3606259]: Flash straightens the first curve drawn using a Wacom tablet.
[Reference #3603351]: “Cannot load scene into memory” on opening a saved file whose publish settings has duplicate profile entries.
[Reference #3588521]: Flash CC freezes on closing, intermittently. It is strongly recommended that you download and install this patch from Microsoft.
[Reference #3594685, #3592211, #3598994]: Memory corruption issues when working with Timeline and Sprite sheets.
[Reference #3585379]: Flash CC freezes when zooming-in on a large canvas, with filters applied for objects on stage.
[Reference #3549614]: Flash CC crashes on setting some specific fonts in code editor preferences.
[Reference #3427773]: Flash CC crashes on exporting images and SWF files on Mac 10.6.

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