swf-version meaning

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Flash -swf-version meaning It's getting more and more versions! We can't remember them all, so here we go! SWF Version Compiler Option Flash Player Version AIR version -swf-version=9 N/A -swf-version=10 10.0, 10.1 1.5, 2.0 -swf-version=11 10.2 2.6 -swf-version=12 10.3 2.7 -swf-version=13 11.0 3 -swf-version=14 11.1 3.1 -swf-version=15 11.2 3.2 -swf-version=16 11.3 3.3 -swf-version=17 11.4 [...]

Java vs AS3

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java package abc ; public class C1 extends c2 { private int v1; public c1() { this.v1 = 5; } int method(int 1) { return v1; } } Actionscript 3.0 package abc{ public class c1 extends c2 { private var v1:int; public function c1() { this.v1 = 5; } function method(v1:int):int { [...]

Flash Professional CC Update 1

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Today there is a new update to Flash Professional CC (13.0.1). You can receive these updates through the creative cloud desktop application. I have not tried to get the updates through the update in the Flash IDE, but I am sure that will work as well. Some of the new bug fixes in this update [...]

Typewriter Text Effect with AS3

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1. Create a new flash file (Actionscript 3.0) and save it as typewriter.fla. 2. Rename “layer 1″ to “actions”. Open the actions panel. Declare the following variables: var myText:String; var counter:int = 0; 3. Create a TextFormat object in order to format our text. var format : TextFormat = new TextFormat(); format.size [...]

Adobe Community Professional

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I am honored to find out this past week that I have been chosen as a Adobe Community Professional (ACP) for 2013! Adobe Community Professionals are a small worldwide team of highly skilled users from across the whole range of Adobe products, who contribute at high levels to supporting Adobe software users. I hope to [...]

Adobe roadmap for the Flash runtimes

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Say Hello to “Irving” and  “Jones” and Flash Player releases! Flash Player and AIR "Irving" and "Jones" Adobe is planning its next two releases for late 2013 and early 2014. These releases continue to focus on premium video, gaming, security, and stability. Some of the features being worked on for these releases include the following: OSX Mavericks [...]

Apache Flex 4.10 Released!

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Today the Apache Flex Team has released the latest version to the Flex SDK, we are now at version 4.10.0! Apache Flex 4.10.0 highlights include: Support for latest versions of Flash Player and AIR runtimes. At the same time, we have made it easier for developers wanting to take advantage of the latest advances in [...]

Wrong wmode value in Starling

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A common issue that occurs when you have not set the wmode attribute in the HTML page is the following message "This application is not correctly embedded (wrong wmode value)". The solution is very simple. Set the wmode attribute in the HTML to "direct". I have included my HTML code below as an example. I [...]