Flash Professional CC & Dropped Features

Been looking forward to Flash Pro CC but there´s really too many features dropped that I use.

These are the dropped features that I have found so far, please add if there are more dropped features from CS6:

In order to provide a more focused creative environment, Adobe Flash Professional CC has streamlined its feature set. The following is a list of the notable tools that have been dropped from the previous version:

• Support for ActionScript 1 and 2
• TLF text
• Motion Editor for motion tweens
• Bone tool for inverse kinematics
• Deco tool
• Project panel
• Printing
• Strings panelAdobe FlAsh ProFessionAl CC ClAssroom in A book 3
• Behaviors panel
• Object-level undo
• Spelling panel
• Movie Explorer
• Bandwidth profiler in Test Movie mode
• FXG file import or export
• Kuler panel
• Video Cue Points (but still available in Media Encoder and through ActionScript)
• Closed captioning
• Video playback on Stage with FLV playback component
• Device Central
• Importing SWFs
• Pick whip in the Code Snippets panel
• Auto-Save
• File Info (XMP Metadata)
• Import support for some bitmap formats (BMP, TIFF, AutoCad) and some
sound formats (AIFF, Sound Designer, Around AU, Adobe Sounds Document)
• Publishing projectors”

Also “Flash Pro CC does not support importing of SWC files.”