Moving to Maui

Well I have decided that when I return to Hawaii I will be living on Maui!

Why Maui instead of going back to Oahu where I know the island so good from living there for so long, and where I have lots of friends, and I love surfing the North Shore. Well it is simple, I don’t NEED to be on Oahu like when I was going to school there, so I decided to move someplace where there is less traffic, and is more beautiful. I might still visit Oahu, but I would rather live where it is more mellow, and Maui is the perfect place for that.

I will be on the Mainland for a few more months finishing up my Studio Arts degree, and seeing the doctors here as well. I am hoping that i will be able to find good doctors on Maui, as I have Hepatitis C, and it comes with lots of medical problems, so I will need good doctors. I also have to find out if I can get my disability and SSI payments on Maui, so this summer I will travel there to check out the situation.

See you soon Maui 🙂