Heading to Full Sail University

In 2010 I discovered a wonderful program in Web Design & Development at Adobe Max, I watched a presentation Teaching the Adobe Flash Platform in Education. This was back when fullsail.com was a flex website, it was so awesome! I was amazed at the level of flash being taught by the school, and since then I always wanted to go there. I will be taking the online degree for Web Design & Development. Back in 2010 I was studying at the University of Hawaii for Oceanography, as I wanted to learn how to forecast the surf, and I am happy to say I now have that skill, but I did not finish the degree, too much math & physics.

Full Sail University seems like the  perfect school to learn more about web design and development!

Currently I am a flash developer, and the Manger of the Hawaii Flash User Group, I also used to be a ColdFusion Developer, but I have not done that for a while, and now the only time I use ColdFusion is for writing cfcs for flash remoting. I do know html & css, but I am not good at it at all! Therefore I want to learn more.

I really like the Full Sail approach to their courses as they teach mobile applications, html and flash. The degree in a sense is 2 degrees design and development mixed into 1 degree. I think after the program I will be really well rounded and could work for a number of companies, not to mention I will finally have a degree!

Full Sail is different than your average college as instead of taken a bunch of classes during the semester, you take a course a mouth. It is fast paced, but I kind of like the idea of taken just one subject once a month.

I am so excited that I will finally be able to attend Full Sail with the Help of my Father, see you in March Full Sail!

You can see the courses(many have been waived for me, such as the General Education) on full sail’s website

Of course I am the most excited about the Flash Courses 🙂

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