Updating Flash Professional CS6 to support 11.5

One of the improvements to Flash Professional CS6 is the ability to manage AIR SDKs. But unfortunately you still have to manually add support for the latest version of Flash Player. Since a public beta of Flash Player 11.5 was just release, this short article might be useful.

Download Flash Player 11.5 for Desktops from adobe labs

You can get the Flash Player 11.5 Beta from http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer11-5.html. Download the version for your operating system and install the plug in. Although you will be able to target the new player, you will not be able to test your movie by using the Run Movie command.

Download PlayerGlobal.swc

This is file can also be found on http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer11-5.html. Once this file has downloaded, rename the file to simply playerglobal.swc. Navigate to “/Applications/Adobe Flash CS5.5/Common/Configuration/ActionScript 3.0/” and create a new folder named “FP11.5”. Place the playerglobal.swc in this folder.

Updating Player Profiles

Player profiles are xml files that define the attributes of each Flash Player’s capabilities. They are located in “/Applications/Adobe Flash CS5.5/Common/Configuration/Players/”.

Duplicate the last FlashPlayer11_X.xml file you have, and rename it to FlashPlayer11_5.xml. Open this file in you favorite text editor and make the following three changes:


Flash Player 11.4
Flash Player 11.5


Save this file, and launch Flash Professional. You should see FlashPlayer 11.5 as an option in the Publish Setting dialog.

Publish Setting Dialog

Now go build some awesome content with the new features in FlashPlayer 11.4

Note: You test your project in Flash use command + F12 in order to publish to browser (Where you should have the Flash Player 11.4 Beta plugin installed by now).

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