Hep C Hawaii

After finding out that I contracted Hepatitis C in 2009 I wanted to help others in Hawaii and elsewhere and I am trying to develop a network of resources for hepatitis C and to increase awareness about the Silent Epidemic in Hawaii to help to stop their spread and promote early testing, vaccination and treatment.

Most people, who are infected with Hep C, may wait to be tested until they feel ill without earlier intervention education. They often will not feel ill until it may be too late to be treated. Most people have Hep C and don’t even know it. Please get tested!

There should be gatherings so people can learn & gain knowledge to care, nurture and help others are trying to educate people about their need to be tested, vaccinated and possibly be treated before spread these diseases to other and before it is too late for them to be treated.

I am thinking about having on-line meetings to educated the public about Hep C, and to advocate early testing.

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