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Updating Flash Professional CS6 to support 11.5

One of the improvements to Flash Professional CS6 is the ability to manage AIR SDKs. But unfortunately you still have to manually add support for the latest version of Flash Player. Since a public beta of Flash Player 11.5 was just release, this short article might be useful. Download Flash Player 11.5 for Desktops from [...]

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CF Schedule Issues

I am trying to set up a ColdFusion schedule task on Linux, been having problems. Now I am trying to write the log, to see if the task was ran or not. If anybody can help, as my code does not write the output file :( <!---scheduler.cfm---> <cfset getDate = DateFormat(Now())> <cfset getTime = [...]

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Hep C Hawaii

After finding out that I contracted Hepatitis C in 2009 I wanted to help others in Hawaii and elsewhere and I am trying to develop a network of resources for hepatitis C and to increase awareness about the Silent Epidemic in Hawaii to help to stop their spread and promote early testing, vaccination and treatment. Most [...]

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Jelly Bean Update for Samsung S III

It looks like Android Jelly Bean will finally be hitting one of the most prolific phones in the United States. Samsung has finally acknowledged that a Jelly Bean update is on its way to U.S. Galaxy S3s. A Samsung update page lists the Jelly Bean update as "Coming Soon!" for AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular. [...]

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