Adobe is launching an experimental Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tool called Wallaby. The tool takes content created with Adobe’s Flash Professional and converts it to HTML5, the latest revision of the Web markup language. HTML5 is supported in most Web browsers, but, most importantly, it’s supported on Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, where Flash is banned.

What’s Wallaby?

Through a simple interface, you can drag and drop a Flash (.fla) file right into Wallaby’s interface, and the program automatically converts it to HTML5.

In Technical Terms

As for Wallaby itself, the tool is an Adobe AIR application that works on both Mac and Windows computers. After you drag and drop (or browse for) a FLA-formatted file, Wallaby spits back output containing HTML, SVG, CSS and other files. This file is meant to be a starting point that can then be edited with other Web development software programs.

For the technically minded, Wallaby translates the following:

  • Vector graphics to SVG
  • Bitmaps to <img> elements and JPEG files
  • Text to <p> elements or SVG text
  • Flash timeline to a group of CSS animations
  • ActionScript, Sound, Video and other assets are discarded.

Wallaby is available from Adobe Labs here.

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