Flash Tent

Adobe did not want us using the name “Flash Camp” with our meeting, so we are now calling it Flash tent,

This be a  great free flash event flash tent will take place on Dec. 4, 2011. The meeting will be both in person& on-line.

Flashtent is a free on-line event that we will be hosted by John Barrett (HFUG) and Ben Fhala  from EverythingFlash.

The goal of this camp is to have a  6 hour day was to cover the topic of Flash in a Mobile age.  We got the best speakers in the industry and asked them some really great questions(with your help that is) as we had an open mic/twitter/facebook feed throughout the day. The day covered topics ranging from Mobile AIR, Mobile Design principles, 3D, a bit on HTML5 and the future of flash.

The event will cover

[box] Mobile, AIR, Gaming, FDT 5, Away 3D[/box]

Speakers include

[box] Dee Sadler, David Gamez, Chris Griffith, James Wagstaff, Alan Klement[/box]

This will be a great event, and is on-line & free! There will also be open mic sessions where we can talk about anything on your mind about flash and where the platform is going.

All in all this will be a great event not to miss, find out more & RSVP at – http://flashtent.org/

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