Adding Flash Player 11 for FDT

Since flash player came out, you will want to upgrade the Flex SDK in FDT to include flash player 11.

First you will need

Now in the SDK we have to do a few things.
In the folder frameworks/libs/players you need to add a folder called 11.0, and in this folder you put the playerglobal .swc (you will have to rename it to this)
Next you will need to upgrade the flex-config.xml file, you will need to change the first two resources. It should look like this when done
Now in FDT you can use either flash player 10.2 or flash player 11.0. By default it is flash player 11.0
You can also change back to flash player 10.2
That is it, nw you can use flash player 11 in FDT 5 🙂

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