Flash Tent

Adobe did not want us using the name “Flash Camp” with our meeting, so we are now calling it Flash tent,

This be a  great free flash event flash tent will take place on Dec. 4, 2011. The meeting will be both in person& on-line.

Flashtent is a free on-line event that we will be hosted by John Barrett (HFUG) and Ben Fhala  from EverythingFlash.

The goal of this camp is to have a  6 hour day was to cover the topic of Flash in a Mobile age.  We got the best speakers in the industry and asked them some really great questions(with your help that is) as we had an open mic/twitter/facebook feed throughout the day. The day covered topics ranging from Mobile AIR, Mobile Design principles, 3D, a bit on HTML5 and the future of flash.

The event will cover

[box] Mobile, AIR, Gaming, FDT 5, Away 3D[/box]

Speakers include

[box] Dee Sadler, David Gamez, Chris Griffith, James Wagstaff, Alan Klement[/box]

This will be a great event, and is on-line & free! There will also be open mic sessions where we can talk about anything on your mind about flash and where the platform is going.

All in all this will be a great event not to miss, find out more & RSVP at – http://flashtent.org/

Adding Flash Player 11 for FDT

Since flash player came out, you will want to upgrade the Flex SDK in FDT to include flash player 11.

First you will need

Now in the SDK we have to do a few things.
In the folder frameworks/libs/players you need to add a folder called 11.0, and in this folder you put the playerglobal .swc (you will have to rename it to this)
Next you will need to upgrade the flex-config.xml file, you will need to change the first two resources. It should look like this when done
Now in FDT you can use either flash player 10.2 or flash player 11.0. By default it is flash player 11.0
You can also change back to flash player 10.2
That is it, nw you can use flash player 11 in FDT 5 🙂