Create SWC from Linked Resources in FDT 4

Jan 7 PostOn my other post about creating a swc by using the SWC library, somebody asked about how to create a swc from a link Resource. You can see the main post here –

For this example I will be using the Hype Framework.

Download the framework on the Hype Website the current version is 1.1.8.

Now you want to grap the src file put it someplace on your machine, I like to keep all my libraries in a libs folder

create a linked Resource, here is an example of mine

Now create a new flash project call it hype, create a folder called libs.
Then import the linked resource hype_1_1_8 into your project.
Go to “Run Configurations” Create a new SWC Library and create a new SWC Library

Now hit “apply”, then Run and in your libs folder you will have a new hype.swc

now add to source path to view the swc

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