Flash Tent

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Adobe did not want us using the name "Flash Camp" with our meeting, so we are now calling it Flash tent, This be a  great free flash event flash tent will take place on Dec. 4, 2011. The meeting will be both in person& on-line. Flashtent is a free on-line event that we will be [...]

Adding Flash Player 11 for FDT

By |2011-11-02T18:12:18+00:00November 2nd, 2011|

Since flash player came out, you will want to upgrade the Flex SDK in FDT to include flash player 11. First you will need Flash Player 11.0 installed download Flash Player 11.0 here The Flash Player 11.0 Player Global .swc download playerglobal.swc here If using the Flex framework, Flex SDK download Flex SDK here Now in [...]

Flash Camp Hawaii

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The Hawaii Flash User Group is putting together a flash camp here in honolulu. The date of the camp is August 29th. The first Flash Camp Hawai'i this August 29th will be your chance to see what the Flash platform has to offer, and why you will want to use it. This is a full [...]

My Interview About HFUG

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I recently did an interview about the Hawaii Flash User Group (HFUG) on Activetuts+ It was a basic question, of why did I start the user group in the first place. Back in 2009, tere were no local places a flash designer/developer could meet and discuss flash & related Adobe products. I also contact many of the flash user groups on the [...]

Flash Roadmap Whitepaper Published

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Adobe  has just posted a new whitepaper on Adobe.com. The whitepaper, titled Adobe roadmap for the Flash runtimes lays out the 1 to 2 year roadmap for the Flash runtimes (primarily Adobe AIR and Flash Player). This includes information on specific planned releases, longer term player work, and supported platforms. This is actually the third Flash platform [...]