Flash Tent

Adobe did not want us using the name “Flash Camp” with our meeting, so we are now calling it Flash tent,

This be a  great free flash event flash tent will take place on Dec. 4, 2011. The meeting will be both in person& on-line.

Flashtent is a free on-line event that we will be hosted by John Barrett (HFUG) and Ben Fhala  from EverythingFlash.

The goal of this camp is to have a  6 hour day was to cover the topic of Flash in a Mobile age.  We got the best speakers in the industry and asked them some really great questions(with your help that is) as we had an open mic/twitter/facebook feed throughout the day. The day covered topics ranging from Mobile AIR, Mobile Design principles, 3D, a bit on HTML5 and the future of flash.

The event will cover

[box] Mobile, AIR, Gaming, FDT 5, Away 3D[/box]

Speakers include

[box] Dee Sadler, David Gamez, Chris Griffith, James Wagstaff, Alan Klement[/box]

This will be a great event, and is on-line & free! There will also be open mic sessions where we can talk about anything on your mind about flash and where the platform is going.

All in all this will be a great event not to miss, find out more & RSVP at – http://flashtent.org/

Adding Flash Player 11 for FDT

Since flash player came out, you will want to upgrade the Flex SDK in FDT to include flash player 11.

First you will need

Now in the SDK we have to do a few things.
In the folder frameworks/libs/players you need to add a folder called 11.0, and in this folder you put the playerglobal .swc (you will have to rename it to this)
Next you will need to upgrade the flex-config.xml file, you will need to change the first two resources. It should look like this when done
Now in FDT you can use either flash player 10.2 or flash player 11.0. By default it is flash player 11.0
You can also change back to flash player 10.2
That is it, nw you can use flash player 11 in FDT 5 🙂

Flash Camp Hawaii

The Hawaii Flash User Group is putting together a flash camp here in honolulu. The date of the camp is August 29th.

The first Flash Camp Hawai’i this August 29th will be your chance to see what the Flash platform has to offer, and why you will want to use it. This is a full day of offerings by an international team of experts on

  • Away 3D Broomstick
  • Illustrator for HTML5
  • Flash Programming
  • Flash for Mobile and OOP for Flash.

The day sums up with “25 years in 60 minutes”. Talks are on site with two virtual presentations.  Cost: An unbelievable $45 including continental breakfast and lunch. Each participants gets a copy of FDT 4 Pure ($129 street price).

Location:  Pacific Beach Hotel at Waikiki.
To find out more visit the websiteat:

You can buy tickets at an unbelievable price of $45.00 here:

view FDT project index page in web browser

The new html wrapper for AS 3 projects in FDT 4.2 is a really nice feature!

Here is a “Quick Tip” that will let you full this web page inside of FDT.

Lets create a simple ball project and view it in the browser.

package {
   import flash.display.Shape;
   import flash.display.Sprite;

   public class Main extends Sprite {

   // Global variables
   private var circle:Shape = new Shape();
   public function Main() {

   public function init():void {

     circle.graphics.drawCircle(150, 150, 50);


Now when you run the project your html page is created for you. To view this inside of FDT open in web browser

this will produce this view in FDT

My Interview About HFUG

I recently did an interview about the Hawaii Flash User Group (HFUG) on Activetuts+

It was a basic question, of why did I start the user group in the first place.

Back in 2009, tere were no local places a flash designer/developer could meet and discuss flash & related Adobe products. I also contact many of the flash user groups on the mainland to see if they held on-line meetings, but they did not at that time. I asked around and found out setting up a user group was very easy and you did not have to be an expert on everything related to flash to start a group. I would like to thank my friend Chris Griffith from the San Diego User Group for all his help in getting me started.

If you are interested  in starting a local user group in your area, please do so, you can get information about starting a group here

I did just this, as I felt that here in Honolulu, with a great local digital art & developer community that I could fill a void that was missing in Honolulu! After talking with many people here, they all though it was a great idea!

In March 2009 the Hawaii Flash User Group was started, but it turned out I was not the first one to have the user group were as Alli Mills had the group here back in the late 90s, I also talked to him about starting the group.

Even though meeting spaces have been hard to come up at times HFUG has turned out to be a great place where local Flash designers and developers could meet and discuss the Flash platform. I usually try to have meetings that members have interested in, but have had meetings from everything to basic flash, using frameworks, Flex & ColdFusion, and Mobile, etc.

In time I noticed that plenty of people from outside of Hawaii were joining the group. I then started to host the meetings on-line through connect, with the help of the co-manager Gabriel Peart who has been a big help in managing the on-line portion of the group. So not only are the meetings held locally, but many people around the world can also join the meetings.

We have grown to about 90 members in a short time, and if you would have told me that this would have happened when I started I would have told you “No Way!”

you can see the Interview on Activetuts+

You can find HFUG below

Flash Roadmap Whitepaper Published

Adobe  has just posted a new whitepaper on Adobe.com. The whitepaper, titled Adobe roadmap for the Flash runtimes lays out the 1 to 2 year roadmap for the Flash runtimes (primarily Adobe AIR and Flash Player). This includes information on specific planned releases, longer term player work, and supported platforms.

This is actually the third Flash platform white paper that we have released in the past week (Adobe’s view of Flex and its commitments to Flex in the futureAdobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR security), and is a part of a larger process of trying to provide clear and open communications around our thinking and plans for the Flash platform.

The primary goal of the whitepaper is to have a single definitive resource that provides clear insight into Adobe’s plans and thinking around the roadmap for the Flash runtimes.

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Create SWC from Linked Resources in FDT 4

Jan 7 PostOn my other post about creating a swc by using the SWC library, somebody asked about how to create a swc from a link Resource. You can see the main post here – http://hfug.net/?p=1307

For this example I will be using the Hype Framework.

Download the framework on the Hype Website the current version is 1.1.8.

Now you want to grap the src file put it someplace on your machine, I like to keep all my libraries in a libs folder

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