FDT & Coldfusion

Setting up the Environment

In the first part of the series of getting FDT & ColdFusion/MySQL to work for remoting we will focus on setting up the environment.

First I assume you have FDT, ColdFusion 9, and MySQL installed.

If you don’t:

Downloding CF Eclipse so you will have code completion, and some other goodies, it is free.

  • click next
  • agree to the license
  • wait for it to install and re start FDT

If you want to use cfeclipse open it’s perspective, but since we are just using it for writing cfcs for remoting that it not necessary.
The one thing that you will have to do if it bothered you as much as it did me, is to modify the top tollbar while in other perspectives not to show the tool bar from cfeclipse. this is easy to do.

right click on the tool bar, and pick customize perspective.

make sure CFEClipse and MXUnit is unchecked for the all other perspectives except cf eclipse. I don’t know why it does this, but it does, frusting!!

Also in the context menu there are new items, even in the FDT perspective.

I am not sure how I did it, but I got rid of the cfeclipse menus while working with the FDT prespective 🙂

to use cfeclipse in your FDT project just pick new file like you also do, but in this case pick other/cfeclipse

There is a nice wizard for creating the cfc. cfeclipse is a nice IDE for ColdFusion in Eclipse, if you are using ColdFusion I would recommend you check it out. Actually I just wanted something for the code hinting completion, but I will have to say that the features in cfeclipse are very nice!

You actually have everything you need to work with FDT & ColdFusion, but since we want database support that will be the next and final part of the set up.

I will update this post to show the set up with cfbuilder if you prefer using cfbuilder over cfeclipse.

Update: I got cfbuiulder installed and got RDS, and all the goodies working, however, the text editor did not! Also, to do this you need to uninstall cfeclipse first, it made such a mess of everything I had to re install FDT altogether! Stick with cfeclipse 🙂

Actually for the needs of working with flash remoting cfeclipse does more than what I  need, I wish I could just get the code editor with code completion, which is all I was really after. Yes a lot of work, but it is nice to be able to create & editor your ColdFusion files while in FDT and working with remoting.

In part 2 of the series I will show how to get MySQL working

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