August Flash and Flex Developer’s issue

  • Minority Report – What HTML5 means for FLASH
  • SourceMate:An ActionScripter’s Toolbox
  • The Ultimate Checkbox List Pattern
  • Setting up model-driven LiveCycle development
  • Monetizing Your Web Game Part 1
  • Flash Player 3D is Coming Soon!
  • Using flash Capatbilities in Flex apps
  • Entity Data Interchange format
  • much more inside!
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FDT is now a sponsor of HFUG!

I would like to thank Powerflasher FDT for their sponsoring of the Hawaii Flash User Group!

Powerflasher FDT is big on education, and is now a sponsor  of the Hawaii Flash User Group! They will be helping to  organize presentations on the latest innovations in Flex/Flash development from experienced and motivated speakers as well as other topics that HFUG members are looking for.

This works great for HFUG, as it already seems that most if not all of the members are FDT users!

For a limited time All HFUG member’s will receive a  free FDT  Pure licenses(normally valued at $129)!
Please email me for information regarding the free FDT  Pure License. Also, for anybody new to using FDT for AS 3 development, I can host a meeting, or I can get you up to speed personally! If anybody needs a workshop, please let me know.

FDT  turns Eclipse into a powerful Flex/Flash, ActionScript and MXML editor providing coders with sophisticated coding functions including:
•    Advanced Code Completion
•    Outline View
•    Jump to Declaration
•    Open Resource
•    AS3, Flex, and AIR support
•    Creation wizards
•    Switchable Flex SDKs
•    Flex SDK support
•    Flash IDE support (Flash CS 3, CS 4, CS 5)
•    Customizable and incremental compilation

Syntactic and Semantic HighlightingAlso, FDT Pure will allow you and your members to test-drive all the latest milestone features in the upcoming FDT4 release including:

Be sure to watch the video’s my Micheal Plank on the New Features of FDT 4:

FDT 4 Milestone 2 Live Preview
FDT 4 Milestone 3 Live Preview

What version of Adobe AIR runtime is installed?

To find out which version of the Adobe Air run time you have install is easy to find. I am using Mac OS X (Snow Leopard) so your path on another operating system might be a little different.

Open the the file /Library/Frameworks/Adobe AIR.framework/Versions/1.0/Resources/Info.plist in your favorite XML editor, and locate the <key>CFBundleVersion</key> entry (line 19).

The corresponding string below this entry (line 20) represents the version of Air, for your system. <string></string>

Therefore on my Mac I am running Adobe Air version

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I shaved my head

For the treatment for Hepatitis C I am under going I am taking 15 pills a day, plus a weekly shot. There are so many side effects from these drugs!

However, one of the medications on top of the pills is a weekly shot in your stomach from a drug called Interferon which is a form of chemo therapy, and causes you to loose your hair! I have noticed over the last month that my hair was been falling out very quickly, and when I comb it I noticed more hair on the comb than one my head! Also, I noticed that in my bed it looked like I was shedding.
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Meeting on Flash Player 10.1

Tonight the Hawaii Flash User Group had a meeting on  the new features of flash player 10.1 with Omar Gonzalez

You can view the HFUG page on the Adobe group’s site here

You can view the meeting notes here , and watch the recoding meeting here

I will update this more tomorrow I am just too tired tonight it was been a very long day.

I would really like to thank Omar for giving this fantastic talk on Flash player 10.1, and for all those that came out for the meeting.