Setting up FDT for Flash CS 5

If you are using FDT and you recently downloaded & installed Flash CS 5, you will noticed that your run configurations are now broke. This is an easy fix as all you have to do is to update FDT for Flash CS 5. I was able to fix everything except for the flash help!

This post is for Mac OS X only, as I don’t have access to windows, if you know the paths on windows, please leave a comment, and I will update this post! Click on the images for a bigger image.

first if you spaced out(like I did) and you routinely tried to run for application you would have got this error

In the preferences got to FDT>Tools>Flash

If you are having troubles seeing the text the paths on Mac OS X are

Flash IDE – /Applications/Adobe Flash CS5/Adobe Flash
Flash Player – /Applications/Adobe Flash CS5/Players/Flash
ASO Directory – /Users/{username}/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Flash CS5/en_US/Configuration/Classes/aso

I am not sure what the ASO Directory is, but I think that it is related to AS 2

As far as the Flash Help for CS 5 this I was not able to update, and in fact it broke the flash help resources!

Flash Help – /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Help/en_US/Flash/CS5/AS3LR

No more help for Flash :(

Anybody know how to set up the flash help docs for Flash CS 5 for FDT 4? I am hoping that when FDT 4 is launched it will be updated for Flash CS 5 help