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setting up FDT for Flex 4 SDK & Flash Player 10.1

Aiden Tailor wrote a great blog post on how to set up the Flex 4 SDK with FDT. You can check it out here Read what he says, and follow the instructions, I did it and it works perfect, any problems just ask! The point to this post is to take this one step more [...]

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Flex 4 & Remoting

First the ColdFusion component has not changed <cfcomponent displayName= "testConn"> <!--- Establish a Flash Remoting Connection ---> <cffunction name="getTestConn" access="remote" returnType="string"> <cfreturn "connection to the ColdFusion 9 Server was successful"> </cffunction> </cfcomponent> The Flex code is a little different and strangely I get quotes return here in the text field, but the same [...]

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Flash Builder 4 is released

Flash Builder 4, the next version of what used to be Adobe Flex Builder is out now with lots of new features Powerful coding tools ENHANCED Develop using a powerful Eclipse™ based IDE that includes editors for MXML, the ActionScript® language, and CSS, as well as syntax coloring, statement completion, code collapse, interactive step-through [...]

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FDT Remoting Template

This is meant to test a remoting connection with a ColdFusion back-end The ColdFsuion Code has been tested and works. Here is the cfc that I am using <cfcomponent displayName="getTest"> <!--- Establish a Flash Remoting Connection ---> <cffunction name="getTestConn" access="remote" returnType="string" output="true"> <cfreturn "....connection successful"> </cffunction> </cfcomponent> The rest is actionscript! import [...]

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Flash Player Backpack!

WOW! I was reading today, and was stoked to see that he will be the new flash platform manerger, but this packback with the flash player, I have to have one! You can read about this over on the byte array blog, and of course you course you can see this great graphic too!

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