Updated the Flash Tutorials

I have updated all the flash tutorials on the Graphic Mania Web Site today! There were some broken images(not my fault I promise!), and the links to the code examples were linking to the wrong code source. Everything should be fixed now, if you find any problems, please let me know!

Also, I am finishing tonight a flash based login system tutorial which links to an external website, which I have sumbit, and it should be live in the morning!

The general section for the flash tutorials are here:

If you would prefer to see just one of the tutorials, here is a list:

Flash Based Login (URL based) – link coming soon

How To Create A Flash Login Screen Tutorial

Apply CSS to Flash Dynamic Text

How to Create Flash Dynamic Image Viewer

Embedding Fonts for Components in Flash

Checkbox and AS3 in Flash CS4

How to Create Simple Flash AS3 Slide Show

Random Numbers With AS 3 in Flash CS 4

Making a Guessing Game in Flash CS4

Redirecting with ColdFusion

Redirect a URL with ColdFusion

ColdFusion can be used to redirect your website to another domain name or URL. The code is very simple, just follow the steps below.

1. First create a new file called index.cfm using notepad or dreamweaver. Make sure you save it as a .cfm (ColdFusion) file.

2. Place the following code in the index.cfm file.

<cflocation url="http://www.example.com">

If you need to redirect to a certain page use the following code

<cflocation  url="http://www.example.com/page.cfm">

Replace example.com with the domain name you wish to redirect to.

3. Upload the index.cfm file to the root of your domain name. The root of your domain is the content location, the directory your domain name’s content is located in. Make sure to replace any existing index.cfm and delete any other default documents such as default.cfm or home.cfm as these will stop the redirect from working.

Hepatitis C Guide

So a few people have asked me about why I am sick, and wanted to understand more.
First and foremost THANK YOU for being concerned!

I have chronic Hepatitis C with cirrhosis, and below is by best job at explaining what it is. It is basically a visus that enters the blood stream and attacks the liver,and over time it causes the lliver to scare.

It is believed that 60% of the people who have  hepatitis C have no idea how they got it. I fall into this group, as I have never shot drugs, have no tatoos, and never had a blood transfusion. I don’t know how I got it, but that is not important, I have it, and I must treat it to hopefully get rid of the virius!

IIt was discovered by surpise, as I kept going to the doctors to find out why I am always so tired, and never had any energy, this has been going on for about a year. I have generally not been well, but I was able to function so I did.

After doing some blood test it was discoved at the end of the summer that I did indeed have hepatitis C, and after getting a liver biospey, I found out that it was chronic and I always have cirrhosis.

Hepatitis C is an infectious disease affecting the liver, caused by the hepatitis C virus (HCV). Hepatitis C is chronic when the body can’t get rid of the hepatitis C virus.

The infection often does not show syptoms for years, and you will not even know that you have HCV! However, once established, a chronic infection can progress to scarring of the liver  know as fibrosis, and after a while(if not detected and/or treated) this can lead to  advanced scarring know as cirrhosis.
In some cases(hopefully not me`-`) the cirrhosis can lead to other complications including liver cancer, or even the liver failing, which would require a liver transplant.

The hepatitis C virus (HCV) is spread by blood-to-blood contact. This is the ONLY way you can get hepatitis C

Next Wednesday I will start treatment in a Clinincal Trial to hopefully kill the infection. The treatment is usllay done  with a  medication called peginterferon and ribavirin, which as been proven to kill the virus in most cases.

I am hoping that this new drug will give me better odds of killing the HCV viris, and then I can back to a normal life without feeling tired all the time `-` I am very hopefully I know I will beat this!

If you would like to read a great book on understanding HCV what it is, please check out the quick giude

My Condition

Compensated cirrhosis means that the liver is still able to cope with or compensate for the damage and carry out most (sometimes all) of its functions. Cirrhosis, as with fibrosis, ranges from mild (at the beginning) to moderate and severe. Severe cirrhosis can then progress to decompensated cirrhosis. The rate of progression of cirrhosis is different in different people but is not apparently related to genotype. Progression is effected by similar factors to fibrosis but at this stage the effect of alcohol on liver damage is even greater.

Many people do not experience symptoms once they have developed compensated cirrhosis that differ from those they may have had during the chronic phase of the disease. Many people experience no symptoms at all. In general people with well-compensated cirrhosis have normal liver function for serum albumin, clotting factors and bilirubin and even sometimes normal liver enzymes. There is also no evidence of portal hypertension. But over time without treatment compensated cirrhosis does seem to progress inevitably to decompensated cirrhosis. For some people this may take many years and they may well die from other unrelated causes before that time. From the studies so far it appears that on average 18% of people with compensated cirrhosis will progress to decompensated cirrhosis after 5 years and that after ten years the rate will be 29%.

As with the chronic stage of hepatitis C peoples experiences and symptoms during compensated cirrhosis will vary significantly.
The following is a list of symptoms that are more specifically associated with compensated cirrhosis, (and this can be on top of any of the other symptoms that can be experienced with hepatitis C). It doesn’t mean however that you will necessarily experience them or that if you do, that it means you have cirrhosis.

General Symptoms
•    Tiredness and weakness (This may result from insufficient nutrients being processed by the liver)
•    Loss of appetite.
•    Nausea and vomiting.
•    A build-up of fluid in the legs and abdomen.
•    Weight loss.
•    The tendency to bruise easily.
•    Jaundice (yellowing of the skin and the white of the eyes).
•    Itchiness.
•    Sensitivity to drugs due to reduced ability of the liver to inactivate them

this was taken from http://www.hepctrust.org.uk/The+Liver/Compensated+cirrhosis

Am I Leaving Hawaii?

I have Stage 4  chronic hepatitis C with cirrhosis of the liver.

How did I get this Hep C virus? This is a great question  that I wish I  could answer!

I have never shot drugs, and I am not an alcoholic (I used to drink a few beers now and then, but nothing heavy), no tattoos, or do anything that one would expect to get hepatitis C. I have done a lot of research and many of the people who have Hepatitis C do not know where they got it from.

How did I find out that I have the Hep C virus? Back in June I had to go to the hospital for getting bitten by bed bugs, but while in the hospital the doctors were trying to figure out why I was so fatigued. They took blood, mainly for the bed bug infection, but never tested for Hepatitis C so while in the hospital it was not discovered. The doctors never could tell me why I am so tired when I was hospitalized. I would argue that if they tested the blood for everything, they would have found out, and I might not be in the situation that I am today, but that is the past, and I am not going to deal on the past!

Since getting out of the hospital I have been going to the free clinic at Queen’s hospital in Honolulu (I have no medical insurance), first for follow ups, but then to find why I am so tired, and weak all the time. I will hand it to the original doctor I was seeing there, as he thought that I might have hepatitis C, at first I thought that he was joking, as I thought there is no way! it turns out that he as right. This did take 3 months to find out, so the medical attention that you get in Hawaii is extremely slow!!

After finding out that I did test positive for Hepatitis C, they had me take many, many blood tests. Then I took a liver biopsy and found out that my Hepatitis C is chronic at stage 4 with cirrhosis. I desperately need treatment as soon as possible so my liver does not fail!

This is the part where I know I should leave Hawaii!

I just took at ultrasound of my liver last Wednesday, only to find out that I will not get a reading to find the results until April!! Are you kidding me, 2 months to find the results of a ultrasound, this is just crazy, why so long? This should happen the next day, or maybe a week if the doctors are really busy, but two months? When I do go to the doctor in April, what will be the outcome of the ultrasound, will I need more tests, what is their plan?

I don’t understand what the holdup is, as back in January the liver specialist told me that I would need to go to the special clinic at the Hawaii Medical Center to start treatment,and that I should really consider taking part in a clinical trial of new medicine being tested. This sounds really bad to me.

I have not heard from the Hawaii Medical Center, and I think that it will be a very long time until I do. If I stay in hawaii I am afraid that my liver will fail waiting on the Hawaiian bureaucracy.I am wondering if I  get the proper treatment that I need at a mainland hospital where I am sure will have their act together much more than here in Hawaii!

It is sad that a city like Honolulu, can not be as good in business or medicine as the cites on the mainland. There is no reason why I should have to leave Hawaii, but I guess if I ever talked to anybody who became very ill, they might have had to do the same thing, leave the state of die waiting for treatment!

I am sad as  Hawaii Flash User Group that I started last year is going great! I am really proud of everything that I have done with the group. A year ago I started the group,and people thought that I was crazy saying that it would never work, but today there are over 40 members and I think that it is a great flash user group.

It is a shame that I could not get the interest of the flash design community, the university programs teaching graphic design, New Media Arts,and game design. I always hear that nobody will come to Hawaii and that the opportunities are not here, but until people start to come together for the greater good of the community it will never happen!

Also, because of me leaving I will not be pursing the flash camp for Honolulu as well. I think that this conference would have been great for Hawaii, maybe somebody else will plan to have one here!

Now I would love to stay in Hawaii, it has been my home for about 15 years, but unless there is a complete turn around and the doctors get me the medical attention that I need, I will be leaving very, very soon!

I will have to decided if I will try to make the hfug group to a on-line flash group, or just forget about it all together, my health is more important than running a flash user group no matter how much I love doing it!