FDT on Linux

So on Twitter tonight there was talk on the fact that FDT works in Linux. Are you kidding me, is this real, WOW!

Why the excitement, I HATE WINDOWS! and at the place I work there is only a Linux box that I use for the development of the projects. Therefore I carry my macBook in from home, but since I have a bad back from an old surfing accident, I would prefer not to have to carry the Mac around with me.

I really like Linux, and we have set up a ColdFusion development machine there as well, this is where I do all the testing for the work projects. The one complaint I have is there has not been up to date any decent way of writing actionscript 3.0 or Flex code on Linux.

Now that I hear that there is a way to get FDT running on Linux, I am very excited,and this will the the first thing I will be doing at work in the morning! Stay tune for part two of this blog post, where I will let you know how I got FDT running in Ubuntu. I am stoked!

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