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ColdFusion & XML

<cfxml variable="students"> <school> <name>John Barrett</name> <school>University of Hawaii</school> <department>New Media</department> </school> </cfxml> <cffile action="write" file="#getDirectoryFromPath(getTemplatePath())#students.xml" output="#students#"> <!--- dump results---> <cfdump var="#students#"> This produces the file students.xml in the same directory, with the following results <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <school> <name>John Barrett</name> <school>University of Hawaii</school> <department>New Media</department> </school> Now the next is where [...]

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FDT on Linux

So on Twitter tonight there was talk on the fact that FDT works in Linux. Are you kidding me, is this real, WOW! Why the excitement, I HATE WINDOWS! and at the place I work there is only a Linux box that I use for the development of the projects. Therefore I carry my macBook [...]

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AS 3 Must Visit Events

Using Twitter? If you are and you are a Flasher Myself(@hfug) and Marvin from Beautify Code(@beautifycode) has started a hash tag series on twitter. The idea is simple, which Marvin deserves Full Credit, he just thought of a calendar which shows every Actionscript- Event/Conference/Meeting worth visiting in 2010. Whenever you know anything you can simply [...]

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FDT Goes Hawaii

The Next meeting at the Hawaii Flash User Group will be on "Setting up a flash development environment with FDT" This talk will feature Micheal Plank who is a technology evangelist and software developer at Powerflasher, Germany’s largest multimedia agency specialising in Flash. Michael has been hooked on creating interactive applications with Flash since version [...]

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