testing your cfcs

This post is to explain how to test your cfc to make sure they are working the way that you meant. I am wondering if it is possible to test a cfc directly using cfdump? However, since you don’t run a cfc directly, this may not work.


    <cffunction name="getArtist" access="remote" returntype="query">
        <cfset var qRead = "" />

        <cfquery datasource="cfartgallery" name="qRead">
            SELECT artistid, firstname, lastname, email
            FROM artists

        <cfreturn qRead />


to test the cfc I create a test file and invoke the cfc and then use cfdump to see the results


     <!--- dump the output--->
     <cfdump  var = "#qRead#">

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  1. The method you’re using is fine. You can always add the cfdump and cfabort tags in the function you want to test (directly after the query tags) ie:

    &lt;cffunction name=&quot;getArtist&quot; access=&quot;remote&quot; returntype=&quot;query&quot;&gt;
    	&lt;cfset var qRead = &quot;&quot; /&gt;
        &lt;cfquery datasource=&quot;cfartgallery&quot; name=&quot;qRead&quot;&gt;
            SELECT artistid, firstname, lastname, email
            FROM artists
        &lt;cfdump var=&quot;#qRead#&quot; /&gt;
        &lt;cfabort /&gt;
        &lt;cfreturn qRead /&gt;

    so on your calling page you wouldn’t need to include the dump tags. This is, of course, a simple but effective way of doing it. You could create a new generic function that dumps any query passed to it etc..

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