A friend asked me today , “Is installing FDT difficult?” No not at all,and in fact with the standalone version of the software it is as easy as installing any other software. Don’t let the fact that it is build on top of eclipse scare you, but if fact that should not scare you!

We will be installing FDT Enterprise version for Mac OS X.

First download FDT Enterprise 3.5 Beta I am using the Cocoa Version. I have no idea what the difference between the Cocoa versions & Carbon version are.

Download the zip, go get a coffee, as this will take a while.

The same instructions are for each versions, I am just using this one, as I have a licence for it!

After the software has downloaded double click the installer to get started

When the installer first starts you will see the Intro screen, just keep pressing next to continue. I am just installing the defaults, and so if you want a different set up, you can adjust the settings for your set up.

I am installing the software in the /Applications folder


I like to keep a shortcut in my dock, but you don’t need this.

Checks all your information is correct

The install process

Informs you that everything went OK

Next you will be prompted with a screen asking if you want to try this product for 30 days, if if you have a license that you want to enter. it is up to you what you do from here, but I entered my license it was excepted, and I got the message ” Product Key accepted. Thanks and have fun!” cool`-`

Now in Eclipse based software you have to define a     workspace. This again is the default, you can change this to anything you want, and in fact as you go on, you will want to have more than one workspace! You can think of the workspace as a place to store all your Flash projects that you will be working on.

That’s it! Easy right, now you are ready to code your little heart out, have fun`-`

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