Installing FDT

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A friend asked me today , "Is installing FDT difficult?" No not at all,and in fact with the standalone version of the software it is as easy as installing any other software. Don't let the fact that it is build on top of eclipse scare you, but if fact that should not scare you! We [...]

Setting up Flash Remoting with AS 3 & ColdFusion

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Setting up flash remoting with actionscript 3.0 and ColdFusion Create a fla, call it remoting(or something that makes sense to you). In the actions, type the following code import*; var gateway:NetConnection = new NetConnection(); var responder:Responder=new Responder(onResult,onFault); function onResult(responds:Object):void { trace("cfc result"+":"+" "+responds.toString()); } function onFault(responds:Object):void { //loop over the fault structure for [...]

loading external images

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to load an image in flash is easy and only take a few lines of actionscrit var myLoader:Loader = new Loader(); myLoader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onLoaded); var fileRequest:URLRequest = new URLRequest("myImage.jpg"); myLoader.load(fileRequest); function onLoaded(e:Event) { // the image is now loaded, so let's add it to the display list! addChild(myLoader); } I used the above image, [...]

FDT Bloggers

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I am starting a list of all bloggers out there you use & blog about their experiences using FDT! If you blog about FDT, please leave a comment so I can add you to the list! Also, I am starting a flash blogging  aggregator service for a one stop for everything flash, and for sure [...]

Build Properties in FDT

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In FDT if you go to  FDT> Preference>Build Path you can declare how you want your project to be build. I like to keep all the source files in the src, but I like to keep the swf that gets generated in a deploy folder. Use these settings below and click okay, and you are [...]

FDT Challenge

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I have a challenge for all new commers to actionscript 3. If you are to the point where the flash IDE is getting on your nerves, if you are not there yet, trust me you will be! Check out the FREE 30 day trial of FDT, and at the end of this 30 days if [...]

FDT – Best Actionscript editor

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This is the first post that I will doing in a series about blogging about my favorite actionscript editor FDT. I highly recommend using FDT for your actionscript 3.0 projects! FDT brings many high level development features, such as Code Templates Quick Fixes Organize Imports Code Formaters Code Completion Refactoring AS Docs AS 3 & [...]

checking your actionscript version

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Here is a script to check which version of actionscript your swf is var request:URLRequest=new URLRequest("project.swf"); var loader:Loader=new Loader(); loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE,onComplete); loader.load(request); function onComplete(evt:Event):void {,onComplete); trace("actionscript version - "; }