JRun Settings for Apache 2.2

This should be installed by default, but just in case it is not, you can add it manually.

You can find the httpd,conf file at /private/etc/apache2/httpd.conf

So in case when you install the ColdFusion server under JRun and the JRun settings do not get written in the httpd.conf file, just add this

# JRun Settings
LoadModule jrun_module /Applications/JRun4/lib/wsconfig/1/mod_jrun22.so
<IfModule mod_jrun22.c>
 JRunConfig Verbose false
 JRunConfig Apialloc false
 JRunConfig Ignoresuffixmap false
 JRunConfig Serverstore /Applications/JRun4/lib/wsconfig/1/jrunserver.store
 JRunConfig Bootstrap
 #JRunConfig Errorurl url <optionally redirect to this URL on errors>
 #JRunConfig ProxyRetryInterval 600 <number of seconds to wait before trying to reconnect to unreachable clustered server>
 #JRunConfig ConnectTimeout 15 <number of seconds to wait on a socket connect to a jrun server>
 #JRunConfig RecvTimeout 300 <number of seconds to wait on a socket receive to a jrun server>
 #JRunConfig SendTimeout 15 <number of seconds to wait on a socket send to a jrun server>
 AddHandler jrun-handler .jsp .jws .cfm .cfml .cfc .cfr .cfswf

Mine was written just above the last Module at the end of the file, so copy these JRun settings right above the last entry which is

Include /private/etc/apache2/other/*.conf
<Files ~ ".hbmxml$">
Order allow,deny
Deny from all

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