Seems like I am not able to fix my remoting code. Here is the actions panel


var gateway:NetConnection = new NetConnection();

var responder:Responder=new Responder(onResult,onFault);

// name the default cf test server on this machine


// name of the cfc and the function"com.cfcs.testing.GetResults", responder);

function onResult(responds:Object):void {

	trace("cfc result"+":"+" "+responds.toString());


function onFault(responds:Object):void {

	//loop over the fault structure

	for (var i:String in responds) {

		trace( i + ":" + responds[i] );



The file Testing.cfc(I have tested this cfc and it works perfect!

<cffunction name="getResults" access="remote" returntype="query">

   <cfquery name="qEmails" datasource="johnbarrett">

     SELECT *

     FROM testing


  <cfreturn qEmails>



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