ASDoc in Flex Builder 3.2

I just recently found out that you can create AS Docs in Flex Builder, and here is how I set it up on my Mac OS X Environment.

Open Flex Builder.

Go to Run -> External Tools -> Open External Tools Dialog…

Step 1

Right click, or click on the page icon to create a new program. afterward select New

step 2

Afterwards you will get this window, which I already configured.

step 2

Lets just name our configure file in the Name field.

Name: MyASDocs (This can be anything that makes sense to you)

This is save the setting in the programs field. So you can just use Run MyASDocs

Next we want to browse to the asdoc executable file in the Flex Builder SDK. Click on Browse File System… under the Location field.

Location: /Applications/Adobe Flex Builder 3/sdks/3.2.0/bin/aasdoc

After that we need to use our library as the working directory. This will be where the project is located. Mine is in my home direcoty.

Working Directory: /Users/myUserName/HelloWorld (replace myUserName with your account name)

You can to add in your compiler options in the Arguments field.

Arguments: -source-path . -doc-sources ./ -window-title “HelloWorld” -main-title “My HelloWorld Greeter Package”

Note: the “./” is the current directory in UNIX writing(same as Mac OS X). You can also write the full path, which is the same as above in the “Working Directory” You can give it a window title, and the main title will be a title in the header of the html file. The docs will be written in HelloWorld in a folder called docs.

Click Apply, this will also save this perspective.

Click Run to generate the AS Docs.

Your documentation will be in /HelloWorld/docs The main file index.html will show you your docs.

Next I am hoping to find a more general solution, as this has to be changed each time your project changes, or you will need many different perspectives.

This is an incribale find, and I am stoked!

Happy Coding.

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