To get Coldfusion and flash to talk to each other is just as easy in Flex as it is in flash. Remember Flex is just the tool, and nothing more. When you compile flex you are just created a swf! To start this out I am just setting up the remoting call, later I will write a full app, which I have been meaning to do, but I have been too busy with school lately. You can check out flexcf Which as so many great examples of using this technology. It is run by Paul who has helped me a great deal in CF in the past! You can check out his blog too.

The mxml file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<mx:Application xmlns:mx="" creationComplete="initApp()" layout="absolute" pageTitle="Remoting Example" backgroundColor="White">




            import mx.utils.ObjectUtil;

            import mx.controls.Alert;


            public var cfcResponse:String;

            //this gets called when the application is done being created

            public function initApp():void{

                //this calls the confirmCFC method in remoting.cfc



            public function loadConfirm(event:ResultEvent):void{

                //this binds the cfcResponse var to the result of the RO call

                cfcResponse = event.result as String;




    <mx:RemoteObject id="cfc_ro" destination="ColdFusion" source="com.flex.remoting" showBusyCursor="true">

        <mx:method name="confirmCFC" result="loadConfirm(event)" fault=""/>


    <mx:Label text="{cfcResponse}" width="100%" />


the cfc

<cfcomponent output="false">

	<cffunction name="confirmCFC" returntype="any" access="remote">

		<cfreturn "This is a test to see if Flex is conecting to ColdFusion, from the file remoting.cfc">



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