Flash User Group in Hawaii ?

Flash User Group Here in Honolulu?

I just send the application to start a Flash User Group here in Hawaii.

I have joined many other groups, but they never offered recordings of their meetings, and so I was never able to participate in the discussions. I am hoping that something like this can happen here in Hawaii, there is a strong Multimedia presents here, and so I am hopeful.

I hope to have a place where people interested in flash, and the flash platform can hang out, meet and talk about flash and learn about flash and actionscript, and what direction flash is going.

I can see creating a place for designers as well as developers!

Now I am not too advanced, but I would love for this to work out, I think that it would be wonderful to have here in Hawaii.

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  1. I just found your blog, it looks great:)

    I hope that you can put this together, I would be so excited about it!

    Please let me know if you need any help

  2. It’s time that Flash group in Hawaii will be put into action…where designers, developers will come together, learn from it each other how wonderful Flash is! Congratulations and good luck to everybody. You are in the right site/group:)

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