Foundation ColdFusion 8 for Flash CS4

Foundation ColdFusion 8 for Flash is the only book on the market that teaches designers and developers alike how to combine these two powerhouse programs to create dynamic Web sites and Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). This book covers the latest version of these two programs. It is a must have for Flash professional who want to extend their skills to cover the complete cycle of Web design.

Table of contents

Part I. Getting ColdFusion and Flash Running Together

Chapter 1: Introduction to Coldfusion Integration with Flash

Part II. Learning To Use ColdFusion

Chapter 2: Coldfusion Development Tools

Chapter 3: Coldfusion Basics

Chapter 4: How Databases Work on the Web

Chapter 5: Working with Data

Chapter 6: Coldfusion Components

Chapter 7: Coldfusion and URLS

Chapter 8: Advanced Data Types

Chapter 9: Form Basics

Part III. Using Flash in ColdFusion

Chapter 10: Flash

Chapter 11: Flash Forms

Chapter 12: Application Framework

Chapter 13: CFMAIL and Flash

Chapter 14: Creating a Flash Chat

Chapter 15: Creating a Flash Photo Album/Portfolio

This book will come out on June 17.2009. I can’t wait it should be the best book ever written!

4 thoughts on “Foundation ColdFusion 8 for Flash CS4”

  1. Hi David,

    Yeah you and me both!

    I tried to find out if there would be remoting involved, but did not get an answer. I would also love to work on the book as a proof reader.

    I contacted the publisher, and finally got a reply,as the book was first going to come out in February, but then it changed until July, which the company says will happen. Which is my hope, I needed this book 2 years ago when AS 3 came out for Flash CS 3!

    Update– I just check the book’s website,and now it is not coming out until August, yikes:(

    What type of flash/ColdFusion project are you working on?

    Maybe I can help.

    Also, I am planning to put together a presentation on Flash Remoting(Actionscript 3.0) with ColdFusion&MySQL in about a month at my Flash User Group here in Hawaii. This will be recorded,and I can get you the demos& code.

    You can also use my remoting package on this blog, or I have other code that I can share with you.

    By the way I liked your post:

    Cool stuff is there a Mac version?

  2. Well, I mean. I don’t really NEED it.

    I’m an advanced ColdFusion developer trying now to really dig my teeth into Actionscript 3 and Flash CS4.

    ColdFusion + Actionscript and the Flash runtimes to me seems like the absolute best software development platform there is.

    So, this book would be a great start.

    Just as a note, looks like it’s ColdFusion 9, not 8. That’s why the delay. They must’ve made the decision to write it against CF 9 which is still in beta.

    I’m more just learning AS3 than really working on any projects with it for now. But as soon as I get comfortable enough I’ve got a slew of ideas for great desktop software to run on AIR.

    Can’t wait to see the recording of your presentation. I’ll be sure to check out your remoting package too.

    And sorry, I don’t know enough about serverware on OS X to tell you how to do that on a mac. I think it might be pretty easy for someone with a good knowledge of Applescript though ( which isn’t me ).

  3. Hi David,

    You should read Learning Actionscript 3.0, this is the book that got be up to speed with actionscript. I am not as advanced to you, and so learning actionscript for you should come much easier than it did for me.

    Yes, I agree that flash Interface with a ColdFusion back end is the software approach, well in my opinion. I used to do a little flash remoting with AS 2, but there is nothing for AS 3, and so I am really looking forward to this book!

    Have you tried CF 9?

    Once you get up to speed creating apps in flash with AS 3, to change them into an air desktop app is very straightforward.

    I love the mac, but I never really played with apple script either.

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